Test equipment BKF - DIN 75200 | MVS 302 | ISO 3795


  • Protective clothing against heat and flame - Determination of heat transmission on exposure to flame   

The device is used to determine the heat transmission of flame exposure to protective clothing against heat and flames. A classification of materials can be made by comparing the determined heat transfer indices, which serve as a reference for the relative heat transfer under the specified test conditions.

A specimen is placed in a specimen holder. A calorimeter is placed directly on the inside of the specimen. The soecimen is then exposed to a heat flow of 80±2 kW/sqm generated by a propane gas burner. The time required to raise the temperature at the specimen by 24 °C is measured.

Optional modules

  • Timer unit with timer, solenoid valve and flame protection
  • Mechanical piezo igniter for burner
  • Stop watch
  • Additional specimen holders for specific standards (VW, Toyota, Nissan etc.)

Technical specifications

Specimen type:

materials or composite materials used in the passenger compartment of motor vehicles

Test standards:

DIN 75200, MVS 302, ISO 3795


Methane or natural gas

230 VAC, devices with timer unit (optional)

Dimensions (combustion box):

approx. 385 x 377 x 220 mm* without attachment parts (W x h x d)


approx. 10 kg, with timer unit (optional) 25 kg