ISO 15025/6940/6941


The test device allows testing the properties of textile materials in response to brief contact with a small flame. In its basic configuration the device is designed for tests according to DIN EN ISO 6941. For tests according to DIN EN ISO 15025 and DIN EN ISO 6940 the device can be configured accordingly.

A set of specimens of is exposed to a flame for a defined time.
ISO 6941: The spread of the flames in vertical direction is tested. The time elapsing from the beginning of the test until the marking threads are torn is measured.
ISO 6940: The duration of the flame exposure is determined from which the specimen ignites or does not ignite.
ISO 15025: The spread of the flames in vertical direction as well as the afterburning and afterglow time are determined.


Optional modules

  • Electric burner travel with timer unit
  • Electric exhaust air fan
  • Laptop

Technical specifications

Specimen type:


Test standards:

EN ISO 15025, EN ISO 6940, EN ISO 6941


Propane gas

230 VAC, 500 VA (devices with timer unit, optional)


approx. 880 x 950 x 2050 mm* (W x d x h)


approx. 125 kg

Special features

Automatic detection of the tearing of the marking threads by switching contacts (DIN EN ISO 6941)

Enclosure with 3 doors

Electronic stopwatch with measured value recording

Devices with electric burner movement:

Automated test start

Automatic start of measurement afterburning time (DIN EN ISO 15025)