ISO 5657


  • Determination of the fire behavior of building materials - Flammability of building products when exposed to a radiant heater.

The device is used to determine the flammability of building products (materials, composites and components).

The specimens are exposed to heat radiation of 10 to 70 kW/m³ generated by an electric cone radiator. During this process, the specimen is pressed against a pressure plate with a defined force. In addition, the gases detaching from the specimen are ignited by means of a periodically applied pilot flame. The time that elapses until the specimen ignites is measured..

Technical specifications

Type of specimen:

Building products

Test standard:

ISO 5657


Temperature cone heater, time, ambient temperature, humidity, heat flux sensor Type Schmidt-Boelter

Special features: Device control, measurement data recording and evaluation via integrated PC, fully integrated design, cooling of heat flow sensors without water connection


3 ~ 400 VAC / approx. 5 kVA

Compressed air 6 - 8 bar

Propane gas, purity min. 95%

Dimensions (Test rack):

approx. 550 x 340 x 600 mm*

Weight (Test rack):

approx. 100 kg