Radiant Panel/ Surface Flammability - ASTM E 162/ASTM D 3675


  • Test for surface flammability of materials

The test equipment WAZAU ASTM E162 / D3675 is used to measure the surface flammability of materials and products. The specimen inclined at 30° to the vertical is heated by a radiant heater arranged vertically. The specimen is ignited with a burner at the upper edge, which is closer to the radiator surface. The time is measured that elapses until one of the marks, which are placed 76 mm apart, is reached.

Technical specifications

Specimen type: Materials, products, assemblies, coatings (ASTM E162); flexible cellular materials (ASTM D3675)
Test standards: ASTM E162, ASTM D3675, UL 94 Radiant Panel Test
Sensors:Surface temperature heater; temperature exhaust hood; time; calibration gas consumption, flame protection heater, pilot burner and calibration burner
Supplies:Electrical voltage 100-230 V AC 50/60 Hz, propane gas, methane gas, acetylene gas
Features:Electronic data recording, electronic heater/burner control, automated heater start routine with electric ignition, automated calibration routine, pneumatic pilot burner swivel, multi-gas pilot burners (acetylene, methane, propane; optional), backwards oriented housed heater for safe operation, knitted wire mesh heater, linear guide specimen trolley

width x depth x height (test rack): approx. 1500 x 1605 x 2065 mm*

width x depth x height (control cabinet): approx. 553 x 800 x 1000 mm*

Weight: approx. 350 kg