SBI - EN 13823


  • Reaction test to a thermal attack of a single burning item, on construction products other than floor coverings.

The test is used to classify building materials according to DIN EN 13501-1 for the European classes A2, B, C and D. Two specimen wings are mounted vertically at a 90 ° angle to each other on the specimen trolley. In the lower corner formed by the specimen wings, a sand bed burner simulates a burning item, e.g. a burning waste container. A second identical burner, which is ignited shortly before the main burner, serves to determine the heat development and heat release of the burner on its own. In addition to the development of the fire, it is determined whether parts of the specimen drip off or fall off.

Technical specifications

Specimen type:Building products
Test standards:DIN EN 13823
Sensors:Gas analyzer O2 (Type paramagnetic) and CO2 (Type infrared), temperature measurement section 3 x, temperature test room, temperature heptane tray, air pressure, ambient temperature, humidity, differential pressure, optical light measuring system, heat flux meter type Schmidt-Boelter
Supplies:Electrical voltage 230 V AC 50/60 Hz, propane gas, nitrogen gas, calibration gas - CO2-content 5-10 %, heptane, water
Features:Device control and measurement data recording and evaluation via integrated PC, largely automated test and calibration runs, sample gas processing without use of chemicals
Dimensions:width x depth x height: Approx. 3260 x 4210 x 4500 mm*
Weight:Approx. 6000 kg