Testing device BKF DIN 75200


  • Testing the burning behavior of materials of interior fittings of vehicles.

This device is used to determine the burning speed of materials used in the interior of vehicles when exposed to a small flame. Using this testing procedure any kind of material or part of the interior fitting can be tested on its own or attached to other materials up to a thickness of 13mm. This test determines the regularity of production batches of certain materials in regard to their burning behavior. The testing procedure is not 100% suitable for establishing the actual burning behavior inside a vehicle. The testing device BKF uses a horizontal, u-shaped clamp to fix a specimen into a position where its open end is exposed to a defined medium heat flame for 15 seconds. The test determines if and when the flame extinguishes or what time the flame front needs to run through a certain distance between to measurement marks.

Technical specifications

Geometry of specimen:Textiles
Testing standards:DIN 75200 ASTM D 5132 MVSS 302
Accessories:Special accessory: VW / Porsche / Toyota / Nissan
Expansion feature:2/2 way gas valve with timer control for the burner
Power input:Natural gas / propane gas
Dimensions (testing device):360 x 200 x 380 mm (W x D x H)
Weight (testing device):ca. 10 kg