Testing device DIN EN ISO 9239-1


  • Description of fire behavior in case of exposure to a radiant heater.

The results of this test process are the basis for evaluating one aspect of the fire behavior of floor coverings. The heat radiation sent to the sample by the heater simulates the likely degree of stress to the floor in a corridor of which the top side is affected by flames and/or heat gases during the early phase of the development of a fire in a room or section against the air flow. The sample is placed in a horizontal position under the gas-heated radiant heater that is inclined by 30° against the horizontal line. The sample is exposed to a certain heat stream. A pilot flame is brought into contact with the hot end of the sample. After the ignition, every forming flame front is determined and the horizontal spread of the flame front along the sample length is recorded as the time needed by the flame front so that it spreads over the determined distance. The smoke development in the flue is recorded by registering the weakening of light during the test. The software serves for the control and measurement data recording. It provides the functions of calibrations, valve control, preheating and CHF calculation.

Technical specifications

Geometry of specimen:Floor cover
Testing standards:DIN EN ISO 9239-1
Sensory functions:Temperature / smoke density / mass throughput / heat flow
Power input:230 VAC / 150 VA
Propane gas / compressed air
Dimensions (testing device):2000 x 1500 x 2500 mm (W x D x H)
Weight (testing device):ca. 350 kg