Contact heat testing device CHD DIN EN ISO 12127-1




  • Determining the throughput of contact heat through protective clothing or its materials.

The device determines the time threshold of a temperature rise of 10°C in the calorimeter. In the test a heating cylinder is heated to a defined temperature and the specimen is put on the calorimeter. During the measuring the calorimeter is moved towards the heating cylinder with a defined skipping speed of 5 mm/s and after contact a load of 45N is applied. The temperature of the heating cylinder is adjustable from room temperature up to 500 °C. The power supply is provided by an IEC-320 AC power cordset 230 VAC (50Hz).

Technical specifications

Geometry of specimen:Textiles
Testing standards:DIN EN ISO 12127-1
Sensory functions:Temperature (calorimeter)
Power input:230 VAC / 350 VA
Dimensions (testing device):600 x 250 x 650 mm (W x D x H)
Weight (testing device):ca. 30 kg