Testing device SPT DIN EN 348


  • Determination of the behavior of materials for protective clothing when exposed to small splashes of molten metal.

. A welding wire is melted with a burner. The resulting droplets are directed onto a sample. The number of molten metal droplets impinging on a point of the vertically arranged sample required to produce a temperature rise of 40 K in a temperature sensor located behind the sample is counted. The burner and the feed rate of the welding wire are set and controlled by the device software.

Special features

Control of burner and wire feed as well as measurement data acquisition via control laptop.

Automatic drop counting

Swiveling sample holder for easier loading

Technical specifications

Type of specimen:Textiles
Testing standards:DIN EN 348
Sensors:Temperature, drop number
Power input:230 VAC / 150 VA
Oxygen / Acetylen
Dimensions (testing device):1510 x 630 x 1660 mm (W x D x H)
Weight (testing device):approx. 80 kg