Adhesion testing device HFP DIN 50978 / ASTM 123-84


  • Testing the adhesive strength of surface coatings.

The testing device for adhesive strength HFP designed by Dr. Nieth* tests the adhesive strength of zinc layers compliant with ASTM 12384 and DIN 50978. It can be used with all flat hot-galvanized surface areas. Steel pipes can be tested as well but if the specimen is under 200 mm a vee bearing has to be used instead of the usual three point support. The special design of the device allows testing in all positions, also head first. A marking stencil marks the impact points in the tested area according to the applied standard. The device is cocked and adjusted between two marks. After triggering the device a hammer tup shoots against the specimen area and leaves a linear indentation; this process is repeated after the distance of the mark. If no scaling-off is visible in the zinc layer between two impacts the adhesive strength is good. If only rough data about the adhesive strength is required, the marking stencil process is not needed. The device is calibrated by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (MPA), Darmstadt and delivered with a certificate.

* Nieth, F.: Die Haftfestigkeit feuerverzinkter Überzüge. BÄNDER BLECHE ROHRE, 14 (1973) Nr. 3, S. 95-102; Vogel-Verlag Würzburg, Düsseldorf.

Technical specifications

Type of specimen:Plates, component parts
Testing standards::DIN 50978 ASTM 123-84
Sensory functions:-
Power input:-
Dimensions (testing device):250 x 60 x 80 mm (W x D x H)
Weight (testing device):ca. 1kg