Protective Clothing - ISO 9150


  • Determining the behavior of materials for protective clothing exposed to small splashes of molten metal.

A welding wire is melted with a burner. The drops thus produced are passed to the sample. The number of molten drops of metal are counted that occur at a point on the vertical sample that is required to produce a temperature rise of 40 K in a temperature sensor behind the sample. The counting of the drops occurs automatically. The burner is controlled by software using electronic flow controllers / meters. Furthermore, the automatic feed of the welding wire can be adjusted.

Technical specifications

Specimen type: Textiles
Test standards:DIN EN 348, ISO 9150
Sensors:Temperature, drop detection, room temperature, room humidity
Supplies:Electrical voltage 230 V AC 50/60 Hz, acetylene, oxygen
Features:Automatic drop detection, motorized welding wire travel, largely automated test procedure, electronic gas control and measurement data acquisition, housing, swiveling sample holder for easy sample installation
Dimensions:W x H x D: 1510 mm x 1660 mm x 630 mm*
Weight:approx. 80 kg*