Test equipment RTP - EN 13274-4 (3)


  • Respiratory protective devices: Flame testing - Single burner moving specimen test: Method 3

The device is used to determine the flame exposure of respiratory protective devices, such as respirators. It checks whether the specimen begins to burn or whether other hazards to the user can occur..

A specimen is placed in a specimen holder. The specimen is then drawn over an approx. 800 °C hot propane gas burner at a speed of 60±5 mm/s. This is done in different burner positions. The burner can be moved in depth for this purpose. The specimen is moved with a spindle drive on a linear guide

Technical specifications

Type of specimen

Respiratory protective devices and their components

Test standards:

EN 13274-4, Method 3


Thermocouple Type K (flame temperature), position switch linear drive

Special features:

The test procedure is automated. After clamping the specimen, the burner is moved over the specimen at the push of a button.

The specimen holder is moved by means of an electric linear drive.

The device is enclosed on 5 sides and can be equipped with a lid including an exhaust air connection.


100 - 230 VAC / 150 VA

Propane gas

Dimensions (test rig):

approx. 680 x 740 x 610 mm (W x h x d)

Weight (test rig):

approx. 50 kg

Optional accessory:

Lid with exhaust connector

Requirements for the installation site:

Flue gas extraction or fume cupboard

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