Solderability testing device type LPK


  • The device tests the solderability of metals under DIN EN 60068-2-20.

The device has a lifting unit which allows a defined submerging and emerging of specimen with submerging speeds from 0,5 to 1001 mm/s. The lifting unit has a maximal lifting height of 25 mm. The device is works with a quartz controlled submerging duration of 0 to 10 s. The solder bath is of type ZW 104 TE. The bath has a capacity of 3700 g or approx.400 ml.

The dipping speed and the dwell time in the solder bath are set and controlled via the software. The temperature in the solder bath can be adjusted via a PID temperature controller in the range from room temperature to 450 °C. The unit is provided with an enclosure, the door of which is equipped with a safety switching hinge.

Technical specifications

Geometry of specimen:Electronic components / connections
Testing standards:DIN EN 60068-2-20

Sensory functions:-
Power input:230 VAC 1500 VA
Dimensions (testing device)W x h x d:600 x 500 x 700 mm*
Weight (testing device):ca. 50 kg