Solderability testing device type LPL


  • The device is used to determine the solderability of electrical components according to DIN EN 60068-2-20. It is equipped with 2 solder baths.


It has a lifting device that allows a defined immersion and withdrawal of specimens at immersion speeds from 0 to 45 mm/s. The lifting device has a max. travel of approximately 25 mm. The immersion time is controlled by the device software.

The immersion speed and the dwell time in the solder bath are set and controlled by the software. The temperature in each of the two solder baths can be adjusted via a PID- temperature controller in the range from room temperature to 450 °C. The device is provided with an enclosure, the door of which is equipped with a safety hinge switch.

Technical specifications

Type of specimen:Electronic components / connectors
Testing standards:

DIN EN 60068-2-20

Sensory functions:2 thermocouples Type K solder bath temperature
Power input:230 VAC 2000 VA
Dimensions (testing device):880 x 640 x 838 mm (W x D x H)
Weight (testing device):approx. 70 kg