The Wazau TOR device serves for simulating abrasive usage and ageing of cloths which is required as conditioning for several burning tests. To do that, a piece of the testing specimen is rolled up on a hose-like cylinder, clamped between two discs and then repetitively winded and compressed. An automatic timing and counting unit serves for monitoring and controlling the stress progress. Automatic pauses for changing the specimen orientation are available as well as an automatic stop after a specified number of revolutions.

Technical specifications

disc dimension:Ø90mm x 12mm
movement section 1:rotation of 450° at 90mm stroke
movement section 2:linear stroke of 65mm
max. pressure:7 bar
max. torque:5.5 Nm @ 7 bar
max. force:1.3 kN @ 7 bar
supply voltage:90 - 250VAC
power consumption:50W max.