Test equipment ASTM D6413


The test equipment enables the testing of the fire resistance of textiles (vertical test).

A textile specimen is clamped in a vertical frame and exposed to the flame of a gas burner for a defined time. The burning time, the afterglow time, and the extent of charring and length of fire spread are determined. In addition, the tensile strength of the burnt specimen is determined by hanging weights on the specimen.

Optional modules

  • Timer unit with timer, solenoid valve and flame protection
  • Mechanical piezo igniter for burner
  • Stop watch
  • Additional specimen holders for specific standards (VW, Toyota, Nissan etc.)

Technical specifications


Type of specimen:


Testing standards:

ASTM D6413

FAR 25.825 Vertical



Electrical current 230 VAC

Dimensions (combustion chamber):

315 x 330 x 825 mm*(w x d x h)

Dimensions (Timer):

257 x 271 x 106 mm*(w x d x h)

Weight (combustion chamber):

approx. 30 kg

To be provided by the customer:

Flue gas extraction system