Test equipment IEC 60331-11


The test equipment enables circuit integrity tests for electrical cables and insulated wires in the event of fire.

Electrical cables and insulated wires are exposed to a flame with a temperature of at least 750 °C. During this, current is applied to the cables and wires. It is determined how long it takes for a conductor to be interrupted.

Technical specifications

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Specimen type:

Electrical cables and insulated wires

Test standards:

IEC 60331-11

IEC 60331-21

IEC 60331-23

IEC 60331-25


Compressed air
Electric current 230 VAC

Dimensions (combustion chamber):

1100 x 800 x 800 mm*( W x D x H)

Weight (test instrument):

approx. 100 kg

To be provided by the customer:

Test room with a volume of at least 27 m 3

Smoke extraction system