Test equipment RPD - EN 13274-4


  • Respiratory protective devices: Flame testing - Single burner static test: Method 2; Single burner moving specimen test: Method 3

A specimen is placed in a specimen holder or attached to a test head. In method 2, the specimen is passed over the burner for a defined period of time and then withdrawn again. In method 3, the specimen is drawn over the propane gas burner, which has a temperature of approx. 800 °C, at a speed of 60±5 mm/s. This is done in various burner positions. The burner can be moved in depth for this purpose. The specimen is moved by a spindle drive on a linear guide.

Technical specifications

Type of specimen

Respiratory protective devices and their components

Test standards:

EN 13274-4, Method 2 and 3


Thermocouple Type K (flame temperature), position switch linear drive specimen/burner, ambient temperature, humidity

Special features:

The test procedure is automated. After clamping the specimen, the burner is moved over the specimen at the push of a button.

The specimen holder and the burner are moved horizontally by means of an electric linear drive. The specimen holder can be moved vertically by a manual vertical drive.

The device is controlled via a control computer with installed control software.

The device is enclosed on 5 sides and can be equipped with a hood including an exhaust air connection.


100 - 230 VAC / 200 VA

Propane gas

Dimensions (test rig):

approx. 950 x 850 (1270 with hood) x 680 mm (W x h x d)

Weight (test rig):

approx. 80 kg

Optional accessory:

Hood with exhaust connector

Requirements for the installation site:

Flue gas extraction or fume cupboard

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