MMS - ISO 9185


  • Evaluation of material resistance to liquid metal splashes on protective clothing.

Materials testing involves pouring defined amounts of molten metal onto the specimen, which is held at an angle to the horizontal on a mounting frame. Damage is assessed by placing a PVC sheet immediately behind and in contact with the specimen and assessing the changes in the PVC sheet after casting.

Technical specifications

Type of specimen:

Materials for the fabrication of protective clothing against large amounts of molten metal.

Testing standards:

ISO 9185


Melt temperature

Special features:

Induction furnace with high frequency generator

Device enclosure

Hinged safety switches in the doors allow testing only when the device is closed

Pyrometer can be moved on linear guide

PC with touch screen monitor integrated into the control cabinet


Three-phase current, 3 ~ 400 VAC / approx. 6 kVA



Test stand: approx. 1270 x 1550 x 875 mm (W x H x D)

Control cabinetk: 550 x 1000 x 800 (W x H x D)


Weight (test stand):

approx. 260 kg

To be provided by the customer:

Wastewater connection, sink sufficient

Exhaust air extraction