Welcome to WAZAU

Since over 90 years our company Wazau is the leading producer of measurement and testing systems.

Our expert team of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, high skilled technicans, microsystem engineers, business administrators, coaches and software engineers is up to date on the modern technologies and knows how connect mechanics, electronics and software to adapt any measurement and testing system to your individual requirements.


Aside from producing our own systems we also expanded our know-how by developing and optimizing systems which we as licensees produce on behalf of renowned research institutes.
Our strong points are not only our flexibility and creativity but especially the development and realization of systems adapted to their users as well as the production of devices that comply with the DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM standards.


We at Wazau have furthermore developed our own measurement and testing procedures and offer this service to customers who do not want to purchase their own system.

Our services include

  • Creating projects and realizing complete testing laboratories
  • Executing efficient testing procedures
  • Creating concrete standards

Through our long years of experience as producers we have also learned how to provide cost-efficient and quick solutions as a service provider.