Test equipment EN 2021 Part 1 & 2



The test device enables tests on the flammability of upholstered furniture.

A build-up of the upholstery as in the application is placed on a 2-part, rectangular holding frame. Various defined flames from a burner act on the groove between the frame parts for a set period of time. The extent of an open fire and that of a smoldering fire are determined.

Technical specifications

Specimen type:

Upholstered furniture

Test standards:

BS 5852 Clause 11, ignition source 1, 2 & 3

EN 1021-2



Butane gas

Dimensions (combustion chamber):

approx. 1020 x 650 x 1040 mm* (W x d x h)


approx. 60 kg

To be provided by the customer

Test room > 20 m3

Flue gas extraction system