Contact heat testing device CHD DIN EN ISO 12127-1




  • Determining the contact heat transmission through protective clothing or its materials.

The device determines the time threshold of a temperature rise of 10 °C in the calorimeter. In the test a heating cylinder is heated to a defined temperature and the specimen is put on the calorimeter. During the measuring the calorimeter is moved towards the heating cylinder with a defined speed of 5 mm/s and after contact a load of 49 N is applied. The temperature of the heating cylinder is adjustable from room temperature up to 500 °C. The power supply is provided by an IEC-320 AC power cordset 230 VAC (50Hz).

Special features

Device control and data recording via control laptop

Electrical movement of the calorimeter.

Enclosure with glazed door and safety hinge switch.

Technical specifications

Geometry of specimen:Textiles
Testing standards:DIN EN ISO 12127-1
Sensory functions:Temperature (calorimeter)
Power input:230 VAC / 350 VA
Dimensions (testing device):620 x 752 x 410 mm (W x D x H)
Weight (testing device):approx. 50 kg