Test equipment ISO 6925



The test device enables tests to be made on the flammability of textile floor coverings.

A specimen is covered with a template with a circular cutout and a methamine tablet is placed in the center of the specimen and ignited. The time that elapses until the fire reaches the edge of the stencil or goes out is determined

Optional modules

  • Timer unit with timer, solenoid valve and flame protection
  • Mechanical piezo igniter for burner
  • Stop watch
  • Additional specimen holders for specific standards (VW, Toyota, Nissan etc.)

Technical specifications

Specimen type:

Textile floor coverings

Test standard:

ISO 6925


Methenamine tablets

Dimensions (combustion chamber):

1267 x 1306 x 2078 mm*(D x W x H)

Weight (combustion chamber):

approx. 120 kg

Dimensions (Testbox):

347 x 352 x 339 mm*(D x W x H)

Weight (Testbox):

approx. 20 kg

To be provided by the customer:

Flue gas exhaust system

Methenamine tablets