Optical balance


  • Optical 3D determination of masses <br/>Measuring the wetting of wires after immersion in a solder bath.

WAZAU's optical balance can be used to assess the wetting of test wires with solder. The application thickness is determined 3-dimensionally using an optical method from which the mass is calculated. Not only the mass, but also its distribution is determined.

Technical specifications


Type of specimen: Silver-plated copper wire, 75 mm/1 mm dia.
Camera: Measuring resulution: 10 µg
Measuring range: 75 mm
Picture stack calculation time: 200 ms/Image
Field of view: 12000 µm
Recording speed: 10 Hz
Software:WAZAU Optical Balance
Supplies: Electric current 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
DImensions: W x h x d: 000 mm x 000 mm x 000 mm*
Weight: approx. 20 kg